Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare

Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare: Just drive – we take care.

Flexible and long-term protection for Mercedes-Benz Vans.

What is Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare?

You want to focus on your daily and business routine – not spending time with complicated Service operation. That’s why we’re now providing Service Contract products for Mercedes-Benz Vans as an easy choice: Maintenance, Maintenance & Wear and Tear, ExtendedWarranty* and Complete* are included under Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare. Covering wear-and-tear repairs, maintenance and unexpected warranty work. The ServiceCare products will be available with fully tailored contract terms and mileage range to serve your specific needs.

The advantages of Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare at a glance

Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel know what it pays to be prepared for anything. That’s why the first-class Service provided is a crucial requirement in favor of buying a Mercedes-Benz Van.

In concrete terms, it means:

Our ServiceCare products are available whenever you buy a new Mercedes-Benz Van - but you can also purchase them later or when you buy a used vehicle. So that each mile feels just as good as the first.

* Please verify your local workshop offers and conditions

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