The Atego powertrain –
robust and efficient.

When it comes to the powertrain and its components, performance and efficiency are paramount. The technical measures abroad the Atego ensure that the costs per kilometre stay low during the vehicle’s entire service life.


XX18 XX25
Engine designation OM 904 OM 906
Engine type In-line 4 In-line 6
Displacement (l) 4,250 6,374
KW 130 180
Horsepower 177 245
Max torque (Nm) 675 900

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Gearshift options


Forward gears 6
Reverse gears 1
Ratio spread 6.7 - 0.73
In-line 4-cylinder engine.

In-line 4-cylinder engine.

The Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder engine OM 904 LA meets Euro 3 standards and is the optimum set-up for fuel economy and performance.

In-line 6-cylinder engine.

The strong and robust Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder engine OM 906 LA meets Euro 3 standards and ensures low-level emission of pollutants, great performance and low fuel consumption.

In-line 6-cylinder engine.

6-speed manual transmission.

The Mercedes-Benz 6-speed manual transmission G85-6 ensures an economically efficient driving style for the respective transport task in conjunction with other components of the powertrain. Gear shifting is smooth and precise.

2-speed rear axle for large spread.

Atego is fitted with the robust 2-speed rear axle HL5 which allows maximum flexibility at the operation – from high torque to high speed at the wheels.


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