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The Zetros is designed for versatility and easy repairs. From the differential locks, to the automatic cut-outs, to the forward-tilting bonnet – numerous practical features help drivers feel at ease and stay safe, even in the toughest terrain. For even greater safety and comfort, a range of mounting options and driver assistance systems are optionally available.


Telligent® systems: smoother interactions for more safety.

Telligent® systems support the driver by helping to make better interaction between the components. The systems make sure that the engine, the brakes, and the chassis are all interacting smoothly.

Automatic cut-outs: easier operation and faster troubleshooting.

Automatic cut-outs: easier operation and faster troubleshooting.

Automatic cut-outs are fitted ex-works, instead of the standard blade-type fuses. After an overload, or after the fault has been remedied, the cut-outs are reactivated simply by throwing the switch. This simplifies operation, since you no longer need to exchange fuses or keep a wide range of blade-type fuses on hand. The fuse affected can be seen from the switch position, making troubleshooting much faster, too.

Telligent<sup>®</sup> maintenance system

Telligent® maintenance system

The Telligent® maintenance system has already proven its effectiveness in the Zetros. This interface continually registers all key operating data and calculates the conditions of operating fluids and wear parts, displaying any that need to be changed or replaced. This makes for optimum use of fluids and allows service appointments to be built into the vehicle’s assignment plans. This reduces downtime and significantly decreases total cost of ownership.


FleetBoard<sup>®</sup>: behind-the-scenes analysis and management.

FleetBoard®: behind-the-scenes analysis and management.

Hugely positive experiences with FleetBoard® fitted on the Actros have encouraged us to provide this option on the Zetros, as well.

FleetBoard® is a telematics-based Internet service that facilitates effective vehicle management. Its main purpose is to reduce consumption and wear across the entire fleet by analysing how all drivers and vehicles are performing. All relevant criteria are taken into account: speed, brake usage, high revving, distances covered, stops, weight, fuel level and average consumption.


Easy repairs – plus more crew safety.

Easy repairs – plus more crew safety.

The Zetros benefits from a strong service network, easy- repair technology, and long-term spare-part availability in every corner of the world. What’s more, the forward-tilting bonnet gives quick access to engine and auxiliaries, without the crew having to leave the cab. Communication and safety are maintained.


PTO variants: power for every task.

PTO variants: power for every task.

Several different PTOs (power take-offs) are available for the Zetros:

  • Manual transmission PTOs: gearbox-dependent and shiftable, a low-cost variant for driving a hydraulic pump without an additional propshaft. The installation of larger hydraulic pumps is possible thanks to large centre distance of spur gear drive.
  • Automatic transmission PTOs: deployment-oriented system solutions, individually selectable PTO gear ratio, selectable available permanent PTO torque, switched PTO, compact design.


PSM interface: connectivity for more efficiency.

PSM interface: connectivity for more efficiency.

The programmable special module (PSM) is an interface that allows direct exchange of information between the vehicle electronics and the fitted equipment.


Permanent all-wheel drive – stability and better handling.

Permanent all-wheel drive – stability and better handling.

The permanent all-wheel drive provides high levels of handling stability and directional control, keeping the Zetros safely on track.

Uniform power distribution: differential locks.

The Zetros features several differential locks in the Zetros: at the front axle, rear axle, between front and rear axles plus between rear axles 1 and 2 (inter-axle locks). Differential locks ensure that distribution of power to all wheels is uniform – particularly essential when driving on off-road terrain or sand.

The differential lock is activated by a rotary switch on the instrument panel and displayed on the Driver Information System.

Zetros tyres for large ground clearance and excellent traction.

Zetros tyres for large ground clearance and excellent traction.

As standard, the Zetros is equipped with tyres of size 14.00R20 or 395/85R20. One huge advantage is that these standard-size tyres are readily available around the world. Besides these standard tyres, there are also increased tyres 16.00R20 available for the Zetros.

The tyres offer a large diameter for high ground clearance and extreme traction. As an option, the tubeless tyres can be equipped with the Hutchinson run-flat system.

Convenient option for soft and sandy ground: central tyre inflation.

To improve traction on soft and sandy surfaces, the optional central tyre inflation system allows the tyre pressure to be adjusted from the cab. A larger ground contact surface for the tyres and low pressure on the ground help prevent the vehicle from sinking into soft ground. This reduces the need for vehicle recoveries. The driver can quickly reduce the air pressure from 7 to 2 bar – and then increase it again almost as quickly.

Body mounting options for secure off-road transport.

Body mounting options for secure off-road transport.

Due to torsion during off-road travel, bodies and equipment attached to the frame require different mounting types:

  • Low-torsion – up to 300 mm of diagonal twisting, for bodies used on the road and on light terrain
  • Torsion-free – up to 500 mm of diagonal twisting with fixed and floating bearings, designed for bodies used in tough off-road applications
  • Shear-resistant attachment – up to 500 mm of diagonal twisting possible with shackles and plates, designed for bodies exerting loads at specific points.

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